ISO/TS 13498 Endosseous implants torsion test*

In the torsion test according to ISO / TS 13498, the torsional strength and maximum torque of dental implants or articulated joints of dental endosseous implant systems, are tested. This test is particularly suitable for the evaluation of new types of joints and connections, as well as new materials. The test is performed at room temperature in the circumambient air and should be oriented towards the clinical use of the implant. In explanation, test specimens, which are representative for the final product are tested and sterilized according to the manufacturer’s specification, as far as this is necessary. The maximum torque is determined for at least six identical test specimens by clamping the samples into the testing machine and applying a torque of one to ten degrees per minute. The torsional strength is determined in a rotation angle of 2°. During the test, a curve is recorded that indicates the torque depending on the rotation angle and enables the graphical determination of the maximum torque and torsional rigidity of the implant.

Cracked or deformed parts of the implant are then evaluated at low magnification under the microscope and documented in a test report.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.