At INNOPROOF GmbH, we have established an extensive expertise in the testing of implant coatings and we offer a wide range of standardized test methods. All methods mentioned below are accredited within our certified scope
We also offer the tensile strength test specifically for hydroyapatite (HAP) coatings per ISO 13779-4.
For cyclic loading of implant coatings, ISO 13179-1 and ASTM F 1160 are used, aiming at a run-out of 10 million cycles. 
Abrasion resistance of implant coatings is tested using the Taber Abraser per ASTM F 1978.
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We also offer imaging (e.g. SEM and digital microscopy) of your coatings as well as other measurement services. Just get in touch and receive your quote.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.