Dental implantology

We present our capabilities for preclinical testing of dental implants and according surgical instruments. The most prominent mechanical test on dental implants is the fatigue test per ISO 14801:2017. This test can also be adopted for bridge constructs. More information about each test is provided in the fields below. In addition to ISO 14801 testing, we offer torsional testing of dental implants per ISO/TS 13498

What about surgical instruments? Are you aware of the durability of your instrument and the repeat accuracy of the torque display? In order to answer these questions, we offer accredited testing of hand torque instruments per ISO 11953

If you are looking for tests in the area of endodontics, please also check our testing procedures per ISO 3630-1 in the instruments section.

The procedures accredited in our scope are marked with an asterisk (*). As part of the MRA-ILAC agreement, our tests are internationally valid.

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