Failure analysis

We offer damage analysis of implants as a service. The aim of the investigations is to find the cause of failure, with a structured approach in accordance with VDI Guideline 3822.
Typical investigations in the context of damage analysis on implants are the following:
• Digital Microscopy: Analysis for visual defects, contamination, corrosion, abrasion, wear mechanism, notch effect (non-destructive)
• Determination of wear volume: Tactile examination of the wear volume in cubic millimeter (non-destructive)
• REM and EDX investigation of the fracture surface, analysis of the fracture type and crack initiation, and material composition (partially destructive)
• Examination of the implant material (destructive), analysis of the microstructure, investigation of inclusions and voids

The results of the study are compiled in an investigation report. The report is for the sole purpose of reporting the results. There are no recommendations for damage repair or prevention of further damage. There is no advice given to improve the product.