ISO 14801 Endosseous implants fatigue test*

The international standard DIN EN ISO 14801 describes a test method for the fatigue testing of single-post endosseous dental implants of different sizes and construction. The test should be oriented towards the clinical use of the implant. In explanation, test specimens, which are representative for the final product are tested and sterilized according to the manufacturer’s specification, as far as this is necessary. For testing, the test specimen is rigidly clamped to the test machine depending on the design (angled or non-angled connection points) and uniaxially loaded for defined cycle duration, which is dependent on the selected measuring frequency. At least two (three are better) specimens should be used. In addition, the critical value and location of failure are identified, which characterize a remaining deformation, a loosening of the implant assembly or the fracture of a component. If the implants contain components that are susceptible to corrosion or polymers, the test should be carried out in physiological saline solution at 37 °C. Otherwise, the test is carried out in the circumambient air at room temperature. All results are documented in a test report according to the standard.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.