ISO 14607:2018 Annex C.2 Impaction Test*

For the impaction test according to ISO 14607:2018 Annex C.2, Innoproof developed and built its own drop tower, which ensures a standard-compliant test. Depending on the mass and projection height of the breast implant, the required height of the fall weight is calculated. The weight of 4.4 kg is held by an electromagnet and the drop height is set by means of a height indicator. The test specimen is placed centrally on the sample table. When the electromagnet is switched off, the drop weight is released and the impact is initiated. After the impaction test, the breast implant is subjected to an optical inspection in a digital microscope. For passing this test, the implant shell needs no be undamaged under inspection at 10x magnification.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.