ISO 14607:2018 Annex C.1 Fatigue Test*

ISO 14607:2018 describes in Annex C.1 the fatigue testing of breast implants under shear load. Thereby, the implant is placed between two horizontally arranged plates and a static load of 50 N per implant is applied. By means of an eccentric drive one of the plates is moved back and forth, whereby a shear load acts on the implant. The test is run for 6.5 million cycles at a frequency of 3.3 Hz. Subsequently, an optical rupture inspection is performed at 10x magnification.
We offer this test as a service and we can test six breast implants of different sizes in our test bench at the same time. We will be happy to provide a quotation.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.