ASTM F1929 Dye penetration test*

To detect leaks in the seal of the packaging, dye is applied to one side of the seal. The seal is visually checked if there is any penetration of the dye to the other side of the seal. Observation of 5 seconds for each side of the package (20 sec in total) is recommended. Packages should not contain any source of water or condensation. The penetrating dye should have a great contrast to the opaque packaging. One of the three methods is used to test the seal.

Method A: Injection method
Dye solution is injected within the sealed package and observed for leaks. Leaks are then originating from the inside to the outside edge of the package seal.

Method B: Edge dip method
The outer edge of the package seal is dipped in dye solution and observed for leaks originating from the outside edge of the package seal towards the inside edge of the seal.

Method C: Eyedropper method
This method requires the package to be unsealed in one outer edge. Along the unsealed area the transparent material is separated from the porous material. An eyedropper is used to apply the dye penetration solution between the transparent and porous material. The entire outer edge of seal is wetted with dye and the package is observed for leaks towards the inside edge of the seal.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.