Dynamic testing machines

Our equipment for fatigue testing

Our testing machines by TA Instruments/ Electroforce can apply forces up to +/- 7.5 kN with a frequency up to 100 Hz. For the lower force range additional electrodynamic testing machines were purchased from the manufacturer Instron, which can apply loads to max. +/- 3.0 kN.

We chose electrodynamic testing machines that are on the cutting edge of technology. Due to the electromagnetic drive, the testing machines are operating nearly free of wear and are capable to realize high forces and frequencies.

Static testing machines

Our equipment for static testing

Our static testing machine from Zwick enables us to perform tests with static loads in tension/compression of up to 5 kN.
For torsional testing, a custom setup was developed.


With our newly acquired digital microscope from the manufacturer Keyence, we can produce images of the samples with optimum depth of field, e.g. before and after the tests. Depending on the lens selected, magnifications up to 250x or up to 5000x are possible. The 3D depth of field allows the consistently sharp display of arched samples or samples in an oblique view.


In addition to our testing services, we offer professional photographs of your products. We pay attention to optimal illumination, suitable depth of focus and pure backgrounds.