ASTM F384 Angled fixation devices bending test*

We offer you a characterization of angle plates according to the test standard ASTM F384. Specifically, we can perform static and dynamic bending tests:

  • Static bending test
    The angle plate is fixed over the side plate to a firmly clamped test block, the angled part of the implant remaining free. A constant displacement acting parallel to the side plate (rate: 10 mm/min) is applied to the angled part of the implant. The bending stiffness and flexural strength are determined by the force-displacement curve.

  • Dynamic bending test
    The angle plate is aligned according to the static bending test and is subjected to a defined number of cycles. The intramedullary nail is clamped into the test device and loaded over a defined number of cycles. The load should be 75, 50 or 25% of the flexural strength and applied at a frequency of 1-10 Hz. Firstly, an M-N diagram (maximum bending torque versus number of cycles) is created and the fatigue strength is determined.

In addition to the mechanical characterization of the bone plates, we would like to advise you about the correct marking, packaging and the contents of the manufacturer information to be attached.

*We offer this testing service as part of our accredited scope.